Directed, Shot & Edited by Orlando Leroi
Nate Smith - Drums
Kris Bowers - Piano
Fima Ephron - Bass
Jeremy Most - Guitar
Jaleel Shaw - Saxophone
Michael Mayo - vocals
©Waterbaby Music, 2018


PHZE - Playing with Fire

Director: Orlando Leroi
Song Producer: P Soul
Featuring: Marisa Otto & Logan Cruz
Support: Kwality


Yakuza - Tribe Ca$ino

Directed, edited and shot by Orlando Pinder

Titles by @Gaijinisntphysical and @Nkaiprofessional


Everyone We’ve Loved

A short experimental that explores our image in the digital age. Set to the music of Xamin and Copper King


Lex The Radical - Temptation

A sneak peek of the LTR music video for 'Temptation'.

Directed by Brandon White & Orlando Leroi PInder Produced & edited by Brandon White Produced & shot by Orlando Leroi Pinder Starring Leighton Snedeker, Gonzalo Olvera & Kelvin Briceno